Foil Stamp & UV Gloss

Foil Stamp & UV Gloss

Oct 22, 2019

Make your Plastic Business Cards shine with special finishes that grab attention! Most people have seen a Plastic Business Card, but few have the features we offer like Foil Stamp and UV Gloss.

These add-ons look best on a Matte Plastic Business Card. Why? Because the matte surface of the card accentuates the shiny foil stamp and UV gloss areas well.

For less than four cents more per card, you can easily elevate your Plastic Business Cards. Here’s how:


Foil Stamp – Add a Little Bling


Silver or gold stamped areas can be added to the front and back of your Plastic Business Cards. Foil stamp adds an eye-catching metallic look to specific areas on the card’s design. You can go subtle or go all out!
 UV Gloss – Attract the Eyes
This transparent shine can be added to specific areas on your card for a luxurious look that you can also feel. UV Gloss is slightly raised and subtly reflects the light on areas where applied.
When applied together, Foil Stamp and UV Gloss pair perfectly to create a stunning Plastic Business Card that instantly impresses. Check out these examples below:
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