In order to distinguish your business from the competition, our team is now offering custom shaped plastic cards! Instead of having a default-sized business card, you can modify both the appearance and the shape to effectively reflect your business identity. With custom shaped plastic cards that stand out among the rest, clients will easily recognize and remember your brand. Give an edge to your business with custom shaped Plastic Cards!

To begin the process, My Plastic Business Card is ready to create a custom ‘die’ specifically for your order. The die will allow our team to cut your custom shaped card through the sheet of plastic. You can choose a simple rounded square for example or go for more complex shapes. Whether you want the shape to replicate a tuxedo for your formal clothing company or even a Mini Cooper for your automobile business, we can create a custom-shaped card perfectly tailored for your company. In addition to shape, we can also produce custom plastic cards with cut-through areas. The cut-through options can help accentuate your brand logo or card design thereby making your custom plastic cards stand out and make a lasting impression.

Similar to a custom shaped plastic card, is our snap card which is die-cut as well. A snap card is divided into two or three break-off sections – perfect for loyalty or membership program cards and key tags. If you’re looking for a reliable tracking tool for promotional purposes, snap cards are what you need. All components of the snap cards are made of strong, flexible PVC plastic, and each card can be printed with a barcode or other variable data add-ons.

Ready to get started? Contact us at 714.213.8155 or at to discuss the pricing and production of your custom die. Our in-house graphic design team is excited to assist you in planning the best custom shaped plastic cards for business. With custom shaped plastic cards, promoting your brand identity has never been this easier!