Take your Plastic Gift Cards to the next level with Magnetic Stripe Encoding! At My Plastic Business Card, your Plastic Gift Cards will come automatically equipped with a magnetic stripe; however, the stripe will be “blank” until they are encoded. You may be thinking, “What is encoding?” Let us explain - magnetic stripes store essential data for both the customer and the business. Using high-tech equipment, information is encrypted into the magnetic stripe so your Plastic Gift Cards are ready to be programmed and used in your POS system. This part of the process is typically handled on our client’s end – until now!

Magnetic stripe encoding services are available as an add-on option for only $.02 per card!  If you’re not able to encode your Plastic Gift Cards, add our encoding service to your order, and we encrypt the data for you. Simply provide us with an Excel sheet of the names or number sequence, and we’ll do the rest!

It’s important to note that depending on your POS System and business needs, you can choose between two types of magnetic stripes: HiCo and LoCo. Both options encode information, but they differ when it comes to purpose and frequency of use. Hi-Co stripes are generally utilized with cards requiring long-term use, while LoCo is commonly used with gift cards, loyalty programs, and membership cards. See our quick FAQ below for more information.

Magnetic Stripe Encoding FAQ:

  • Do I need HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripes?
    • This information can be acquired from your POS system provider. All orders will receive LoCo unless otherwise requested.
  • Where can I create the serial numbers?
    • Your POS system can create specific or sequential number to your preference.
  • How do I submit what I need encoded onto the magnetic stripes?
    • Simply send us a Microsoft Excel file with your serial numbers during your order process.
  • Do I have to encode my magnetic stripes through My Plastic Business Card?
    • No, this is an extra add-on option at your discretion. All stripes come blank unless otherwise noted.
  • How can I add encoding services if I’m placing my order online?
    • On the order checkout page, simply note that you are interested in our encoding services in the Order Notes section, and a Sales Representative will update your order.

Our team at My Plastic Business Card is ready to assist you with your plastic gift card purchase! Remember, for just an extra $0.02 per card, we can take care of all your magnetic stripe encoding needs. For more information on magnetic stripe encoding for gift cards, contact us directly at 714.213.8155 or sales@mymetalbusinesscard.com