Of all the products we offer at My Plastic Business Card, one of the most visually stunning is our Matte Plastic Business Card.

Matte Plastic is the second most popular card because it has a sleek, matte finish that gives off a very unique, high-class look.

When our clients hand someone their Plastic Business Card, they make an instant and unforgettable impression; however, handing someone a Matte Plastic Card gives that extra WOW factor.

Our matte finish has an executive, sophisticated look that some would argue no other Plastic Business Cards can match.

Made from high quality Satin PVC, these Matte Plastic Cards will get you noticed and remembered by your clients for years to come. As the world’s leader in the Business Card industry, trust us when we tell you: once you try our Matte Plastic Business Cards, you’ll never settle for anything less!


Our Matte Plastic Business Cards feature:

  • Matte PVC plastic
  • Full color printed (both sides)
  • .76mm thick (credit card thickness) – chosen for its ideal weight and durability.
  • 3.37 x 2.125” (CR80 - credit card dimensions)
  • Die-Cut rounded corners
  • FREE shipping!




  • FOIL STAMP – Add silver or foil stamped areas to your Plastic Business Card on the front and back. Foil stamp is a great way to elevate your design with metallic areas.
    • Choose from Silver or Gold Foil Stamp!




  • UV GLOSS VARNISH – Apply a spot UV gloss varnish to areas on your business card for a luxurious feel.




  • METALLIC SPARKLE – For a hint of gold or silver shimmer on the front and back, add Metallic Sparkle to your order!


  • VARIABLE DATA – Personalize each Plastic Business Card with a name, number, or both! Choose from printed white or black lettering or embossed numbers. Simply include the variable information in an Excel file with your order.
    • We also offer other variable add-ons including barcodes, QR codes and RFID/Smart Cards!


  • MAGNETIC STRIP – Add a magnetic stripe to the back of your cards - perfect for Plastic Gift Cards or Plastic Membership Cards!
    • Choose either LoCo or HiCo
    • Encoding is also available! We can encode all of your cards prior to delivery so they’re ready to program when you get them. Simply send an Excel file with the data.  


  • PROTECTIVE LAMINATION – Protect your badge from normal scratches with this clear surface.


  • ADHESIVE BACKING – For promotional cards, add an adhesive ‘peel-to-stick’ backing so your card will remain in front of your clients for years to come.


  • SCRATCH OFF PANEL – Similar to a Lotto Ticket, add a panel to cover sensitive data to be removed only by the final user of the card.


  • WHIE SIGNATURE PANEL – The standard plastic card finish is difficult to write on with a ball point pen. Design an area into your card for a signature and add this option to apply a pen-friendly surface to that area alone.


  • INDIVIDUAL BAG – The cards usually come bulk-packed. Select this option if you would like each card in a separate bag for the ultimate presentation.  




Free Samples


We know seeing is believing which is why we offer free generic samples to our clients. This way, you can get a better idea of what our Matte Plastic Business Cards look like in physical form – you’ll see the quality speaks for itself! Visit https://www.myplasticbusinesscard.com/pages/request-free-samples/ and complete the short Samples Request form.



We’ll process and ship your samples via USPS Mail within 24 hours!
You can also check out our portfolio to see photos of Matte Plastic Business Cards we’ve produced.




The first step is placing an order!

Ordering Made Easy


Pick your quantity and place your order through our secure check-out at https://www.myplasticbusinesscard.com/products/matte-plastic-business-cards. During check-out, upload any artwork and notes for us i.e. drawings, logos, even a photo of your current card.



In 24 hours or less, you will receive a digital proof made by one of our professional designers. Simply let us know if you have any changes – we’ll work back and forth with you! Once you’re completely satisfied, confirm your artwork for production.



After confirming your artwork, your Matte Plastic Business Cards will be produced in our state-of-the-art facility. Allow roughly two production weeks while we create your custom Matte Plastic Business Cards!


Order your Matte Plastic Business Cards now and experience the difference!


My Plastic Business Card is the world leader in Plastic Business Cards because of our service, price, speed and 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our #1 goal is to make you instantly stand out and leave a memorable impression. That being said, we’d love to make Plastic Business Cards for YOU! 
Contact us at 714.213.8155 or email Sales@myplasticbusinesscard.com to get started.