We love being part of the impact our clients make with their Plastic Business Cards. From initial brainstorming to finished product, we take pride in the process!

That said, the designing, customizing and manufacturing processes are unique to every order. Unlike paper, plastic is thick and durable –perfect for a business card that will last for years.

Our Plastic Business Cards come with credit card dimensions and thickness, Full Color Printing front and back, die-cut rounded corners, and FREE shipping.

We work hard to earn your business as a customer for life because we truly believe in the IMPACT our products have.

Check out our 3 favorite cards so far this year below!

Keep in mind, every card we produce is completely custom-made. We don’t work with templates because we want your card to be unique to YOU!



This VIBRANT Plastic Business Card was designed for our local friends at Sender One.

Their cards have colorful photos from the Sender One climbing, yoga and fitness studio. These were used as a one-time Free Pass for clients to try out their services.

We love this card for its colorful and cohesive design.


  • This is a standard, Glossy Plastic Business Card.
  • 3.37 X 2.125”, .76mm thick PVC Plastic
  • Full Color Printing, front and back.
  • The client had the terms and conditions listed on the back as well as a printed white stripe for a signature.
  •  All of these features are included in our Glossy Plastic Business Card pricing!



This Matte Black Plastic Business Card was made for Twisted Oaks Flag Company. This card is one of our favorites because it accentuates our capabilities with colors that POP and silver foil stamp that catches the eye and stands out.


  • This is a Matte Plastic Business Card.
  • 3.37 X 2.125”, .76mm thick PVC Plastic
  • Full Color Printing, front and back.
  • Foil Stamp was added to the silver details on the front. Foil stamp is just an extra $0.04 per card!
  • The client had his contact information as well as his Instagram & Facebook handles on the back, which allowed for the logo on the front to be the focal point.  



This custom-shaped Plastic Business Card was designed for Vitality Connect. We love the hexagon shape, which accentuates their cube logo perfectly.

The front of the card is black with white content along with their green logo; the back of the card was the reverse – white with black content for an even more unique look.

Custom shapes and sizes are available with the purchase of a custom die – contact us for pricing!  


  • This is a custom die-cut, Matte Plastic Business Card.
  • 2.4”x 2.1”, .76mm thick PVC Plastic
  • Full Color Printing, front and back.
  • A custom die was purchased so we could create this cool hexagon shape!


We produce and ship thousands of custom Plastic Business Cards daily, but these few cards stood out because our clients used multiple production processes to create STUNNING cards.
We hope you enjoyed our favorite cards so far this year!
When you’re ready to get started, contact us at Sales@myplasticbusinesscard.com or call us at 714.213.8155 so we can help design unique Plastic Business Cards FOR YOU!