If you’re going to purchase plastic business cards, the thinnest isn’t always the best one. Here at My Plastic Business Card, we value sheer quality to satisfy our clients. We believe that plastic card thickness is an aspect that should not be taken for granted.

Not all plastic cards are made the same – and this is where we stand out. Our plastic business cards are as thick as any credit card. At .76mm, the thickness we provide combines sleek design with practical durability. Unlike thinner plastic cards, our wear-resistant business cards fit comfortably in one’s hand, and they’re made from PVC plastic, assuring a lightweight yet tough product.

Thanks to the plastic card thickness we’ve applied, you’ll no longer have to worry about having a fragile or flimsy card to hand out. Our plastic business cards are rigid but still flexible enough to bend and not snap. A single touch assures you of the premium quality of our plastic business cards. Just request free samples to see for yourself!

Not only do we value plastic card thickness, but also safety. Regardless of how you carry the plastic business card, you won’t be accidentally injured. There are no sharp corners to be wary of. In fact, the plastic card thickness reduces the chances of getting hurt; it’s thick enough to be handled without feeling too bulky.

Plastic card thickness is something we take seriously, and it shows in our products. We want you to leave a great lasting impression on your clients. Provide us with your ideas on how you envision your plastic business card, and we’ll polish it to perfection. We are your go-to team if you want top-notch plastic cards for your business. From the colors and fonts to the plastic card thickness, we’ll dedicate precise attention to each aspect of card-making. Aesthetic functionality is what we aim for with our plastic business cards – after all, it’s what you deserve.