One of the most effective ways to maintain brand loyalty and gain new customers is by providing Plastic Gift & Membership Cards. Whether it’s the holidays or your business has achieved a milestone, announcing the availability of Plastic Gift & Membership Cards will always generate interest among clients. When loyal customers purchase your exclusive Gift Card for their friend or relative or become an official member with a Membership Card, your business profits and your clientele grows too! Luckily, My Plastic Business Card is here to help create the perfect Gift & Membership Cards for you.

Our Plastic Gift & Membership Cards both contain magnetic stripes. The magnetic stripes store essential data for both the customer and the business. Depending on your POS System and business needs, you can choose between two types of magnetic stripes: HiCo and LoCo. Both options encode information, but they differ when it comes to purpose and frequency of use.

For one, the HiCo or High Coercivity magnetic stripe is encoded with a stronger magnetic field. The HiCo stripe is durable enough to withstand a great deal of swiping. On the other hand, LoCo or Low Coercivity magnetic stripe is encoded at a low intensity magnetic field. LoCo stripes are typically used for short-term functions (i.e. hotel room keys and season passes for theme parks.) Thus, the type of magnetic stripe you will need depends on the intended duration of each gift card. Are the gift cards meant for a quick promotional event, or can they be used to buy exclusive products for years to come? When you place your order just let us know which type of magnetic stripe you want.

Also offered by My Plastic Business Card is magnetic stripe encoding services. If you’re not able to encode the Gift or Membership Card yourself, add our encoding service to your order, and we will take care of encoding the data you need on the magnetic stripes. Simply provide us with an Excel sheet of the names or number sequence, and we’ll do the rest! Let us take care of the encoding so you can focus on promoting your Plastic Gift & Membership Cards.

At My Plastic Business Card, we go beyond HiCo and LoCo stripes and encoding services. Our custom printed Plastic Cards are beautiful, with a thickness similar to credit cards at.76mm. They are sleek yet durable due to our premium quality PVC plastic. In addition, our Plastic Gift & Membership Cards can mimic a credit card with the inclusion of raised numbers. If security is a concern, we offer several add-on features including RFID chips.

Plastic Gift & Membership Cards are perfect for any business large or small. They help maintain brand loyalty while gaining new customers. Partner with My Plastic Business Card to create the best custom Gift & Membership Cards for your company or organization. Contact us today with any questions or to place an order at 714.213.8155 or